I’m Bonnie

I am the Owner and Designer behind BonFlourish Design, the parent company of Smash+Spin.  

You can find me continuously experimenting with design and function.  I need to know how things work and how they will work most efficently within the scope of good design.  

After moving from a large country home to a condensed city condo, I quickly realized I needed to incorporate my creative skills into my own lifestyle. 

Since space in the city is at a premium, each room has to be able to multi-task.

We love playing ping pong, shooting pool and entertaining.  Therefore, the dining room quickly became the game room with the pool table at center stage.  However, finding an additional spot to handily store the ping pong table was a whole new dilemma. 

A marriage of need and opportunity, Smash+Spin was born.

bonnie@bonflourish.com     ︎    

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